Welcome to my church in La Porte, Texas!

The Texas FlagYes, I am a Texan.  And proud.  And this is my church – the First United Methodist.  I have attended this church for many years, as I started with my parents, then continued on my own.  I like my church because the people are friendly and truly concerned with the issues and problems that other members face in day-to-day life.  It is like having a safety-net around me and my family at all times.

When I am out of town and can't attend church, I know that I will always be missed.  It never fails that someone will comment to me that they "missed" me the previous week and wondered if everything was ok.

If you are traveling through our area, remember that you are always welcome.  People will greet you as if they have known you all their lives.  THAT is what makes our church special.

Welcome to my church!



We ask that you help us and do your part for the environment!


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